What is People of Video?

We bring leading marketing experts and video creators together on the East Coast to share insider knowledge and network.

Who Should Attend?

Video creators, business owners and marketers of all sizes who want to scale their revenue and expand their reach with online video. Everyone will get value from attending.

Why YOU Should Attend

Great place to make connections and we’ll accidentally learn some stuff” – Doc Rock
  • NETWORK with amazing people who can relate to your goals
  • Learn how to scale your audience and revenue
  • Experience the MOTIVATION that only a live event can provide
  • MEET THE SPEAKERS who have inspired your success and learn from them in-person

Previous Speakers

Evan Carmichael
Nick Nimmin
Vanessa Lau
Roger Wakefield
Tim Schmoyer
Roberto Blake
Jessica Stansberry
Owen Video
Doc Rock
Judi Fox
Diana Gladney
Emily D Baker

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